Refresh your entire look with a Smile Makeover from Chiranthan Dental Care. As every patient is different, we collaborate with our clients to create a smile that is unique and modelled to suit each individual case. You are an excellent candidate for a Smile Makeover if you feel self-conscious about any of the following reasons:
*Worn teeth,
*Discoloured teeth,
*Crooked teeth,
*Chipped teeth,
*Spaced or missing teeth,
The process starts with a cosmetic consultation with the preferred dentist. At the Chiranthan Dental Care we have a qualified team of specialists, nurses and staff to help you achieve the best results all under one roof.
An enhanced smile also has other benefits which include:
*Improved self-esteem,
*Increased self-confidence,
*General wellbeing,
While beauty is subjective, balance is not and balance is what we at Chiranthan Dental Clinic can create using advanced techniques and an understanding how the human eye perceives beauty.