We at Chiranthan Dental Care have the best Maxillofacial surgeons who have the expertise and skills to do Advanced surgical procedures for the treatment of impaction surgery, developmental deformities, malignancies and pathologies, skin grafting, reconstructive surgery for the jaws and facial features, surgery for soft tissue lesions and cyst removal.
Carious teeth or fractured teeth that cannot be restored by the dentist must be removed because they will frequently give rise to severe infections and pain. The removal of teeth can vary from simple extractions to complicated surgical procedures.. In most instances teeth can be replaced with Implants or bridges.

Impacted teeth should be removed because they can cause severe infections and pain. Impacted teeth may initiate development of cysts and tumours which may cause crowding and damage to other teeth. Infections from impacted teeth can spread to the cheeks, throat, neck and become severe enough to warrant hospitalization. The extent of surgery necessary to remove impacted teeth varies according to the position of the teeth

Cysts and Tumours occasionally develop in the jawbones and the surrounding soft tissues such as the cheeks and lips. Cysts and Tumours should always be removed promptly.

There are a number of possible causes of facial trauma such as motor vehicle accidents, accidental falls, sports injuries, interpersonal violence, and work-related injuries. Types of facial injuries can range from injuries of teeth to extremely severe injuries of the skin and bones of the face.

Scaling and Root Planing is a non-surgical treatment usually recommended to most periodontal patients as the first mode of treatment. It is a careful cleaning of the root surfaces below the gum line to remove plaque, toxins and tartar from the root surfaces of the teeth. This procedure is more intensive than a routine general dental prophylaxis or cleaning, which traditionally occurs every six months.

When you have periodontal disease, the supporting tissue and bone is destroyed, forming “pockets” around the teeth. Over time, these pockets become deeper, providing a larger space for bacteria to live. As bacteria develop around the teeth, they can accumulate and advance under the gum tissue. These deep pockets collect even more bacteria, resulting in further bone and tissue loss. Eventually, if too much bone is lost, the teeth will need to be extracted. Your Periodontist measures the depth of your pocket. A Periodontal pocket reduction procedure is recommended when you have pockets that are too deep to clean with daily at home Oral Hygiene routine. Reducing pocket depth and eliminating existing bacteria are important to prevent damage caused by the progression of periodontal disease and to help you maintain a healthy smile.

WE AT ODC PERFORM a simple, painless, bloodless, non toxic test which will detect oral cancer years in advance, that means at a pre-cancerous stage. Will detect oral cancer as much as 5 years in advance. Early detection and prevention will help to save millions of lives. Major contributors Smoking, tobacco products like paan masala & gutka, hookah, alcohol put you at a very high risk of getting oral cancer.